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Huelva san predro

The actual city of Huelva dates back some 3000 years when it was named Onuba. Later, it prospered under the Cathaginians and Romans who used it as a base for mining. Three of the key sites of the Columbus story can also be found here – Lugares Colombinos.

Today it is large, sprawling and industrialised with a population of 141,000. Heavy industrial plants line much of its Odiel waterfront and stretch far to the south. The city centre is pleasant and it is a convenient base for visiting the nearby Columbus sites or the Marismas del Odiel wetlands and the Coto Dónana national park.

Huelva claims to be a 'flamenco capital', however several of the city's splendid old buildings and monuments remain, including the 15th century Church of San Pedro, built on the site of a mosque; the Shrine of Nuestra Senora de la Cinta and, last but not least, the home of Christopher Columbus next to his commemorative monument.

Wander around the atmospheric barrio Reina Victoria Alonso or visit the Alonso Sanchez park which affords attractive views of the city. Other points of interest in the city include the Muelle del Tinto docks, built at the beginning of the century to load Huelva's mineral exports; the Conquero lookout and the provincial museum. The commemorative monument.

Christopher Columbus guards the Rio Tinto. The monument was crafted by the American sculptress, Gertrude Whitney